About Us

Who is Insurance Planners & Advisors Group, Inc:

Insurance Planners and Advisors Group, Inc. is part of one of the country’s finest independent marketing organizations. We are dedicated to serving the needs of the professional Life Insurance Producer and Financial Planner. 

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide the innovative financial service professional with the highest level of pre and post sales support by utilizing cutting edge sales techniques, providing access to the finest insurance and financial product suppliers, and offering boutique level personal service. Now, more than ever, the financial services sector needs to rely on unbiased, market focused professionals in order to compete in this rapidly changing environment. 

How we do it:

By combining the competitive strengths of an array of A++ and A+ companies into a single marketing organization staffed with highly trained and credentialed personnel, the advisor may access the market place and receive experienced and professional advice all in one place. Insurance Planners delivers value to both advisors and customers.

What does this means for you:

As the blurring of financial services continues, a resource that can deliver professional advice, in addition to timely information, will be a valuable tool for financial professionals to utilize whose wealth of advice includes life and related insurance matters. Just as these professionals have determined that they are accountable to their clients first, Insurance Planners & Advisors Group, Inc. is accountable to its agents first. Additionally, just as our agents are dedicated to providing economic benefits to their clients first, we are dedicated to doing the same for our agents. These goals are achieved by providing quality products and excellent compensation while delivering fast and efficient service.

“Let Us Earn Your Business”